Pre Order- RotheStar Pendant Necklace SKU: Mar2522StarRose1

Introducing, the ROTHESTAR Pendant Necklace. '

Many of you may have seen me wearing this 8 point Star necklace which is actually the logo for RotheSTARS. 

Everytime I look at it, it reminds me of who I am.... A STAR..

I am a STAR who rises to Shine.

I am a STAR who brings the Light.

I am a STAR commited to a Fit, Fierce and Fabulous Life!

I am a RotheSTAR... and so are you. 

This is why I am offering you this unique opportunity to purchse the RotheStar Rose Gold Necklace.

It is a stainless steel pendant with a Rose Gold Overlay also available with White gold overlay,

Stones are cubic zirconia.

Style- elegant and classy. 

Pre order yours today and send your address to : and let me know if you want rose gold or white gold. '

It's time to SHINE!

This prices includes shipping for limited time only.




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