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I am planning the next retreat I found a gorgeous beach front property in Oaxaca, Mexico. I am going to have the final night of our Retreat fall on my birthday 🥳. I would love for you guys to come to the retreat and celebrate with me on July 17th! 
It’s a gorgeous, exclusive, beach front private villa, so it’s a higher value and spaces are limited. 
Who is in for the ....
“I Love Me Retreat”
Before you gawk at the price … remember, any ocean front accommodation will cost you 800-900 a night minimally. 
This price includes the Tiffany Rothe Retreat experience and all of your healthy and delicious meals :) 
Dates - July 12 through 28th
Limited space available.
Here is the room breakdown…
Single Occupancy King bed  ($6,500) - 1 room available
Double Occupancy 2 Queen beds  ($5,500 each)  -2 rooms available 
Couple Occupancy (shared king bed) ($5,000 each) - 1 room available 
“Dorm Style Shared Room) 4 single beds ($4000 each)- 1 room 
Reserve your spot today for - $500
Pay 50% of the cost today and save $500
I am offering it to you guys first before I advertise to the public. 😀
This is how we said we wante to live in 2022! Life is NOW.


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