The "Mindset Makeover" a Transformational Leadership Course

Re-wire your thoughts'

Re-model your beliefs

Re-design your life!

This 3 month course includes:

  • Bi monthly 3 hour group training'
  • Weekly 1 hour weekly coaching
  • Weekly 30 minute private one on one zoom coaching calls

This course will teach you to:

  • elimate self doubt
  • move past your fears
  • create the life you want

You will improve:

  • your relationship with yourself
  • your relationship with your family
  • your relationship with failure and success

Become the CEO of being you!

Mindset Makeover 3 -Pay in full discount balance.

A  3 Month Course in Transfomational Leadership

Cost- $6000

Retreat Pay in full special - $4750

Sara's special discount- $500

Deposit- $100

Balance due- $4150* for 3 months leadership training

*This is a fully committed experience and there are no refunds


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