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The FIT, FIERCE and FABULOUS Online Retreat is here and I am so excited to finally meet you, hear you, see you and coach you personally.

This is a true story... I was planning for our live retreat in Tulum and God sent me a message in the middle of a YouTube live workout that the Jan FFF Retreat should be online so more people can attend.  I WAS SO INSPIRED, I could barely finish the workoout. You know how something lands in your soul as true? That's what happened to me and that is how the FFF "Live Online" retreat was born. All of a sudden, in the middle of working out... I literally got a flood of downloads of everything that gets to happen on the retreat to create breakthrough transformations and soul lifting connection for all the participants.

We have been through serious trauma in our world the past 2 years. Everyone has been living in isolation and fear. Enough is enough, I don't want you to do this thing called "life", alone anymore. Healthy is a way of being, a way of thinking and a way of living, but it is tough to do that alone. Everything we do in life is better, when we do it "together." The truth is, the only reason I am still doing these live workouts, is you. I continue to level up my life and my leadership,  so I can be the best coach I can be for you..this is why I am here on this planet. I am clear on my mission.. my purpose is to coach people how to live Fit, Fierce and Fabulous lives, period. So, let's do this! 

Are your ready to start 2022 off winning?

Here is how you play to win:

1. Put 5 days aside to be all about you!-Let's focus solely on eating healthy, working out, meditation, visualization, goal planning all while you are having fun with me and other amazing Rothestars. 

2. Decide to give 100%. So many people say they want the coaching, the meal planning and the support but they keep doing it by themselves and guess what....they don't make it very far. Let's do it right this time.

3. Say YES to being your best ..and sign up now- This Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer allows you to save up to $350!


When? Jan 13th - 17th 2022

Where? From the comfort of your home, and I want you to make sure you are available and fully present for all of the activities.

Why? Because you don't have to do it alone. "We are better together." As you start the New Year in 2022, you get to be intentional about your success.  At the FFF Online Retreat, we will learn to cook healthy meals together, have guided meditation, daily workouts, dance classes, yoga, vision boards, chakra toning and alignment, life performances and more!

How much? The cost of the "LIVE ONLINE" retreat is $1297.00! This is a more affordable cost than the IN PERSON retreats which are $3500 -$4000. It's the perfect way to get all the bang for less buck!

How can I pay? We accept all major credit cards .You can pay in full or pay in 3 installments.

PAY IN FULL AND SAVE $350 Instead of $1297 you make one payment of $947.00 (BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY SPECIAL OFFER)

PAY IN INSTALLMENTS AND SAVE $200! Reserve your spot for $300, and make 2 additional payments of $398.00

LIFE IS NOW.  Are you ready to BREAK the HABIT of "procrastination", "putting yourself last", saying "no", "saying you can afford it", saying "you will do it next time" and watching life pass you by? 

It's time to be bigger than your excuses. 

It's time to say yes to taking a chance on YOU!

It's time to try something different and NEW.

It's time to be who you were born to be and do all that you can do!

This FFF RETREAT is going to be epic.  COMMIT to have FUN,  be HEALTHY and be CONNECTED... 

This is not your average, BS New Year's Resolution, it's a Live a better life SOLUTION. 

*The retreat will take place online via Zoom, and the exercises will take place on the Live Workouts Links on the TRFC. But let me assure you, this will be nothing like your basic zoom experience. This will be connected, fun and full of surprises!

* I want you to actually take time off as if you were getting on a plane to come and see me, this gets to be a fully immersed and connected experience. I have chills just thinking about being able to truly get to know you guys. So sign up, so I can put you on my special gifts list!


(Full refunds are available until Dec 15, 2021, after that you receive credit towards the next retreat)



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