The FIT, FIERCE and FABULOUS Online Retreat is coming and I am so excited.

God sent me a message that this FFF Retreat gets to happen online to make it easier for people to take advantage of this transformational, and uplifting experience of the Mind, Body and Spirit!

Since you were here when the inspiration was born, I want to offer you a special price so I can get started creating the most amazing experience ever.

Here is an outline of what it will look like:

*The retreat will take place "live" online via Zoom, and the exercises will take place on the Live Workouts Links on the TRFC. But let me assure you, this will be nothing like your basic zoom experience. This will be connected, fun and full of surprises!

* I want you to actually take time off as if you were getting on a plane to come and see me, this gets to be a fully immersed and connected experience. I have chills just thinking about being able to truly get to know you guys.

When? Jan 13th - 17th 2022

Where? From the comfort of your home, and I want you to make sure you are avaible and fully present for all of the activities.

Why? Because you don't have to do it alone. We are better together. As you start the New Year in 2022, you get to  be intentional about your success.  At the FFF Online Retreat, we will learn to cook healthy meals together, have guided meditation, daily workouts, dance classes, vision boards, chakra toning and alignment, life performances and more!

How much? The cost is just $1297.00! This is a more affordable cost than the in person retreats which are $3500 -$4000. It's the perfect way to all the bang for less buck!

But, it gets better, if you reserve your spot today, you get $200 off the price. "This offer is only good today. So be in the moment. LIFE IS NOW!


You have paid $300 and this payment of $647.00 will complete your pay in full discount for the Fit, Fierce and Fabulous "Live Online" Retreat.


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