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55 Fat Busting Recipes, with 5 Ingredients or Less

(Spices are not counted as ingredients)

By Athene Farmas, CHHC

Women's Wellness + Lifestyle guide


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55 Fat Busting Recipes, with 5 ingredients or less

By Athene Farmas, CHHC

Women's Wellness + Lifestyle guide

Hello! I created this collection of recipes to assist on your path of attaining and maintaining Vibrant Health.  I  know you can release weight while eating deliciously and simply as this philosophy has helped me maintain a 20 pound weight loss because I feel nourished by the foods I choose to eat. 

The key to utilizing this cookbook is to maintain the Master Pantry List so when you desire to make something; you'll have most of the items on hand.   This is key to establishing a wellness habits in the kitchen which are sustainable.  

I invite you to have fun with these recipes and modify to your liking however, do try to keep soy, dairy, gluten, refined sugar, wheat, gluten and corn out of your diet (or to a minimum) as much as possible because in general these foods have been tainted with genetically modified organisms, (soy and corn are two of the most genetically modified crops in the U.S.) conventional dairy typically has hormones and antibiotics and most wheat and gluten cause bloating and inflammation in the body.